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Does Your Mobile Workforce Have the Right Tools? [Infographic]

The virtual workforce is growing—in a big way. And that paradigm shift is changing how companies connect and share with employees. The folks from wireless network iPass shared this infographic, Mobile Darwinism, which provides insight into how remote workers’ tech and data consumption is evolving.

Has your company integrated technology, like sharing content in HTML5, to enable workers to learn, connect, and share information? Feel free to share your comments below the infographic.

Online Video – Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Business Content That Works

Online Video Button

Whether you want to live stream a panel discussion or archive a training seminar, the planning, taping, and distribution of online video takes effort. But, never fear! Our guide to online video will help you develop content that is engaging—and gets the job done. Check out our video do’s and don’ts:

Do provide on-demand access. Chances are that you’re connecting with busy people, whether it’s an on-the-go parent or a young professional. The best time to reach them? Whenever it’s convenient for them. So even if you’re hosting a live event, we recommend archiving the feed so other potential viewers can access it later. It’s also smart to archive training video so that attendees can refer back to it when necessary.

Don’t bust your bottom line. You do not need to be George Lucas to produce video that engages audiences. A simple how-to lesson might just require a good-quality microphone and a quiet location. If you’re producing video content that needs a bit more polish, consider renting a local studio.

Do keep it short. Regardless of what type of online video you’re producing, keep in mind that the audience is likely busy. That doesn’t mean you need to speak in sound bites, but you should try to aim for a production that’s less than an hour long.

Don’t forget to review the data. Live streaming and on-demand web providers often employ platforms that deliver audience analytics. Learn how to use your platform’s reporting features, and then use them to review and analyze the video content. The data will reveal where you might need to tweak the content or strategy.

Do find the right live streaming and on-demand provider. At RollCall Business Conferencing, we offer the enterprise-level platforms that businesses need to engage with video. Contact our team to learn more about our surprisingly affordable and always reliable options.
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Use Webcasts for B2B Thought Leadership – FAQ

Thought Leadership

Looking for a tactic to generate leads and build relationships with B2B clients? Then perhaps it’s time to share thought leadership messages through webcasts.

What is thought leadership?

Thought leadership is all about establishing your organization as a trusted, competent, and relevant B2B partner. It is not a heavy-handed sales pitch. When done well, regular webcasts can help launch relationships, engender trust, provide insight, and create value.

What kind of content can I share?

  1. Facts, tips, and tricks the audience doesn’t know.
  2. An interview with a knowledgeable colleague or industry expert.
  3. A discussion of trending topics—as in the industry-related variety, not the latest star-behaving-badly scandal!
  4. Information about your company, staff, etc.—any appropriate topic that helps clients get to know you better. For example, share why you have such a passion for what you do.

How can I use webcasts to establish thought leadership?

From blogs to whitepapers, you have plenty of options to share insights. Webcasts, however, allow you to present a message that’s engaging, media-rich, easy to archive, and easy to share.

How can we promote a thought leadership webcast?

  • Announce it and post reminders on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Incorporate links into an appropriate corporate blog.
  • Promote it prominently on the company website.
  • Feature archived webcasts to generate interest for upcoming events.

RollCall Business Conferencing is your go-to webcast provider.

Our range of communication platforms is designed to handle all of your thought leadership webcast needs, from secure connections to custom branded channels. Contact us to learn how our webcast systems will help you establish your brand as a trusted and reliable B2B partner.

For an example of a thought leadership message in action, check out Steve Ennen’s How to Measure ROI in Social Media, from our sister company Social Strategy1.

CEO Webcast FAQs

CEO and Webcasting

What defines an effective CEO? There are books and blogs galore offering lists defining the traits of a great CEO. Master communicator is on many of those lists. The top of the C-suite is charged with being the face of the company for customers, employees, managers, investors, and the media. Webcasts are a cost-effective, media-rich way for CEOs to connect with those brand stakeholders.

How do CEOs use webcasts to communicate?

  • Broadcast virtual town halls
  • Launch campaigns and announce new initiatives
  • Hold investor meetings
  • Connect with employees, management, and senior staff
  • Provide visually rich and easily accessible leadership messages

 But aren’t webcasting systems expensive?

No! Live streaming and on-demand CEO events take away the pinch of rising travel costs. What’s more, many webcasting platforms operate on your existing network, which means you won’t get stuck with expensive and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades.

Are webcasts a secure way to communicate sensitive information?

Posting a webcast on an enterprise-quality platform is not like posting a video to YouTube. A full-featured management system will provide the controls you need to ensure the message is secure. You determine which audiences can access live streaming or on-demand CEO webcasts.

Is there a content management system for webcasts?

Yes. A complete management system is much like having your own branded television channel, complete with content catalogs and channel guides. Set role-based access, apply content filters, and even add interactive features, such as polls, surveys, or question and answer tools.

Your CEO webcasts deserve a CEO-level webcasting provider.

When it’s time for your company to add CEO webcasts to its communication plan, contact RollCall Business Conferencing. From our affordable, reliable, and secure webcasting platforms to generic cialis cheap our RollCall TV content management system, we have the C-suite tools you need to connect with stakeholders.

How to Improve Franchise Relationships with Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Whether you’re a franchisor or a franchisee, you know the key to success is clear and easy communication between everyone in the organization, from front-line employees to top corporate officers. Here are ways to improve franchise relationships with reliable and efficient webcasts, web conferences, and teleconferences:

Enhance communication between the home office and owners. As a franchisor, webcasts are an engaging way to share problem-solving tips, provide insight, and keep owners up to date. A good webcasting platform provides on-demand content so that busy owners can view broadcasts on their own schedule. It also allows franchisors to offer owners a library of valuable resources they can access 24/7.

Franchisees are on the front line, interacting with customers daily. The owners hear the complaints, listen to the reviews, and know what it’s like in the field. Communication tools like web conferences allow owners to provide valuable feedback to the home office about what’s working—and what’s not.

Encourage owner to owner communication. Tools like teleconferences and web conferences allow franchisees to communicate with each other to share best practices as well as provide a support system. What’s more, web conferences are an engaging way to help build the team spirit that permeates the most successful franchises.

Boost owner to employee communication. From training new hires to implementing a new documentation system, webcasting is the tool owners need to make sure the franchise runs exactly as it is intended. A good webcast platform will offer registration features as well as feedback tools to help owners manage the training efficiently, affordably, and without the need to invest in additional infrastructure.

When you want to improve franchise relationships, it’s time to invest in the corporate level tools that facilitate communication. Contact RollCall Business Conferencing to give your franchise the webcast, web conference, and teleconference tools for success.