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Wow Them With A Webinar

video_conf_imageFrom million-dollar sales pitches to part-time customer service rep training, webinars are fast becoming a must-have component of communications systems for companies large and small. In addition, a Forrester report notes that these online presentations are increasingly an important part of many B2B marketing programs. The good news is that you don’t need a degree in theater to put on a presentation that produces sales or increase efficiencies. Check out these 4 simple tips:

Customer first

The golden rule of webinars is the same as the one you learned in Marketing 101 – the customer needs to how the product will solve his or her problems. So while the souped-up graphics and fancy presentations are nice, they won’t produce a single sale if you can’t convince the audience that you offer solutions, whether it’s training customer service on the new computer system or selling widgets to a client.

Know your audience

This core tenet of good salesmanship is equally important for presenting effective webinars. For example, don’t break out the three-piece suit and leather portfolio for a session designed to train part-time retail clerks. Likewise, ditch casual day attire when it’s time to record an earnings announcement for your investors.

Knowing your audience is about more than presentation, it’s about information, too. Tailor the language to your audience, and avoid alphabet-soup-speak and jargon unless you’re confident they’re going to understand it.

Short is sweet

You wouldn’t want to sit through a 2-hour long presentation—neither does your client or potential customer. When you’re planning webinars, try to keep it less than 60 minutes, especially if you’re hosting a live event. Got more than 60 minutes worth of stuff? Consider breaking it down into a series of webinars and release them at regular intervals.

Make an entrance

As noted in an article on, too many webinars get off to a sleepy start. Don’t meander in front of the webcam and break out a monotone, “Okay, uh, I guess it’s time to begin.” While it’s not necessary to create a Broadway production, start your webinar with your most interesting, attention-grabbing info.

There’s no magic involved in presenting action-producing webinars. Follow the same simple rules you’d follow for a face-to-face meeting or presentation, and you’ll soon find yourself giving webinars that produce leads and boost sales. Contact RollCall today to find out.