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4 Ice Breakers for Conference Calls, Web Conferences

Ice Breakers for Conference Calls, Webinars

With much of the country spending the last few weeks in boiling weather, this is a great time to review ice breakers to use during conference calls, web conferences, and other virtual events. The first few minutes of a remote meeting can be challenging and, if the participants don’t know each other, uncomfortable, so try asking one of these 4 questions to increase engagement and team togetherness: 

  1. Where are you? Kickstart engagement by asking attendees to share their location and, perhaps, a fun fact about where they are.
  2. What was your first or worst job? Get the conversation started with this ice breaker, which might reveal a cialis pfizer polished participant got her start cleaning up after horses or another had a job where he was asked to walk (and clean up after!) the boss’s Great Dane.
  3. What would you take with you if stranded on a deserted island? This question is more than just a conference call or web conference ice breaker; it also provides insight into what attendees value, whether it’s information, access, or connectedness.
  4. What is the one question you really want/need this session to answer? This can be an ideal ice breaker for training sessions. Don’t worry if an attendee mentions a topic you won’t be covering. Make a note of it and then follow up via email. Even if you don’t know the answer, ideally you can refer them to a colleague or resource that does.

Although ice breakers work especially well at the start of a teleconference or web conference, don’t be afraid to use them to break up a long meeting. For example, ask an ice breaker question immediately following a lunch or restroom break.

Time is valuable during remote meetings so consider starting the session 5 or 10 minutes early and putting it on the agenda as “social time.” Not only does this encourage attendees to connect with each other, it also gives them an opportunity to make sure they can call in or log in properly before the real work starts.

Do you have conference call or web conference ice breakers to share?